Monday, February 21, 2011

Donate food to protesters via Straight2YourDoor

Yesterday I got in touch with Straight2YourDoor, a company that runs delivery service for various Madison restaurants (including one of my favorites, Flavor of India). I asked them to get involved in the efforts to streamline food donations to protesters, and they responded very favorably!

If you want to donate food to protesters from any of the restaurants in the Capitol area that partner with Straight2YourDoor, follow these instructions:

1) Log onto
2) Click "Enter" next to address in the top right corner and enter 2 E Main St Madison, WI Protest (with "protest" as the apt/suite #)
3) Click on the restaurant logo you want to order from
4) After adding items to the cart click checkout
5) Select credit card as the method of payment and enter killthebill into the coupon code section ($3 off!)
6) Click "update"
7) Complete the order by entering in the credit card information & clicking "Place Order"

I know there is a particular desire for vegetarian/vegan and non-pizza options (not that we don't love Ian's Pizza, because we totally do).  A lot of people were VERY excited to get Thai last night.

We'll be out there all week, folks, and all food is much appreciated!