Monday, February 21, 2011

Donate food to protesters via Straight2YourDoor

Yesterday I got in touch with Straight2YourDoor, a company that runs delivery service for various Madison restaurants (including one of my favorites, Flavor of India). I asked them to get involved in the efforts to streamline food donations to protesters, and they responded very favorably!

If you want to donate food to protesters from any of the restaurants in the Capitol area that partner with Straight2YourDoor, follow these instructions:

1) Log onto
2) Click "Enter" next to address in the top right corner and enter 2 E Main St Madison, WI Protest (with "protest" as the apt/suite #)
3) Click on the restaurant logo you want to order from
4) After adding items to the cart click checkout
5) Select credit card as the method of payment and enter killthebill into the coupon code section ($3 off!)
6) Click "update"
7) Complete the order by entering in the credit card information & clicking "Place Order"

I know there is a particular desire for vegetarian/vegan and non-pizza options (not that we don't love Ian's Pizza, because we totally do).  A lot of people were VERY excited to get Thai last night.

We'll be out there all week, folks, and all food is much appreciated!


  1. Hi Cabell, I knew you via friends of friends at Truman. Just wanted to say thanks for being out there. Wish I could be there too! Just sent some Veggie options from Flavor of India and they even called to tell me it had arrived. A cool way to support local business and the cause, so good luck and solidarity from NY!

  2. Just sent you guys 100 samosas with love and solidarity from Los Angeles. We are with you, brothers and sisters!

  3. Hey Cabell--thanks for making this info available! We have vegan tacos and burritos incoming for lunch tomorrow. Stay strong and warm and full of lunch!

    (I met you a couple years ago in CA--we sang karaoke together right before you moved back to WI. Hi!)

  4. Eileen, thanks for your vegan tacos! They were also gluten-free, and made my afternoon.

  5. Wow, I was not even thinking about xgfx! (Although that makes sense in retrospect.) You're welcome!

  6. Thanks to all of you for your generosity and solidarity! Please pass on this info to anyone who might be interested--we're in for the long haul here.

  7. what is the best thing to send if you only have about $25-$30 to throw at this project?

  8. Ian's pizza will take a minimum order of $20 and they're doing nothing but making pizza for protesters right now: 608-257-9248 +1 (It may take awhile to get through.)

    You can also make a cash donation to the TAA here: They can use the money to buy various needed supplies.

  9. Thanks--

    I'm sending over some Chinese food, because that was the easiest to get my head around--bean curd home style, pork with noodles, hot and sour soup.

  10. Thanks, Vicki! I know they appreciated it--people were VERY enthusiastic about Chinese food when I was there.